Asset Tracking Devices

Asset Tracking Devices

Asset Tracking Devices

In this regard there are many options to explore:

VIP Tracking – executives visiting SA today makes use of our services renting a personal tracker from us for the duration of their stay with the control room facility monitoring their travel and offer assistance in case emergency. We are building the tracker into the buckle of a belt for men to wear.

Alzheimer Patients – it has become common practice for children with Alzheimer parent to buy a tracker for them in case they go wandering about.

Tourists – Larger Hotel groups are renting personal trackers to their guest visiting the country and offer various benefits additional to security. Guest houses find that offering this additional service gives them an advantage over other establishments that is not offering this.

Lone Workers – companies with workers in remote places issue their staff with personal trackers for safety and communication with head office. Also to keep track of their movements during working hours.

Security Guards – most security companies are now changing from the bat&but system to our personal tracker which has addition advantages like two way conversation, silent panic alarm, listening in, ascertaining if the guard is moving or sleeping.

Child Tracking – many parent nowadays give their teenagers a tracker to take with them when going out at night. Some parent even give it to their children to take to school with them.

Pet Tracking – our personal trackers are being used for tracking dogs.

Cyclists – with cyclist becoming targeted for attacks our tracker offers great assistance incase of an emergency.

Reps – this is an ideal tool keep track of reps as well offering two way communication.

Cattle – this has become very popular as herds of cattle are being targeted by organized crime.

Unfaithful husbands/wives – it saves lots of money to place a personal tracker in the suspect’s vehicle instead of hiring a private investigator.

Aircraft & helicopters – our personal trackers has proofed to safe lives in case of an accident giving exact coordinated for the emergency services to go direct to the rescue.

Motor cyclists – taking one of our trackers on a rally has also proofed to be a great tool in case of accidents.

House Wives and domestic servants – is a house burglary situation the first thing that gets taken is a cell phone. Our personal tracker then still allows you to contact the control room or your family for assistance. It is also useful to take in the car with you when you go shopping.

Asset Tracking ( Fixed Assets )

Our Gotek7 range of asset trackers are becoming the most popular tracking devices to date. What makes them unique is the fact that you can put it into standby mode allowing long battery life. It can be set to alarm you via SMS when the asset is moving.

The following applications has proved to be very successful.

  • Solar panels
  • TV’s & Plasma Screens
  • Laptops and computers
  • Plant hire equipment
  • Jet Ski’s
  • Motor cycles & Quad bikes
  • Large tyres

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