Enfora Mini MT

Enfora Mini MT

Enfora Mini MT
Enfora Mini MT – Vehicle & Personal GPS Tracker

The Enfora is portable, can also be used in any vehicle and does not require installation. The Enfora Mini MT’s internal 1340 mAh battery will keep it powered for about 28 hours tracking at intervals of every 5 seconds and up to 4 days tracking every 5 minutes. Using the included cigarette lighter adapter, the device will remain powered when connected to your vehicle’s power system. The Enfora Mini MT can also be worn on a belt clip or even placed in a purse or backpack. The Enfora Mini MT can be hardwired to your vehicles power supply with the optional 12 VDC female to male adapter.

The ENFORA MINI MT has only a few buttons. All of them can be controlled through the setup commands, but some are preset to initial functions. The button on the (other) side is used to call a number that has been pre-programmed. The ± buttons control the volume.

One of the user defined buttons (the one with the circle) is initially set to create a silent panic alarm to Xtreme Trackers’ Software Tracking Panel.

The call button can be used for dispatching purposes. The “control centre” can send a number to be called to the device (like a pager) and switch the “Call” LED (the one on the left) into blinking mode. This would tell the person carrying the ENFORA MINI MT to press the call button at their earliest convenience and be connected to the Control Room or other pre-programmed number. The grey flap hides the mini-USB charging and data port as well as the 2.5 mm Audio jack. The little hole next to the “Call” LED is where the microphone is.

A belt clip blocks access to the battery cover and prevents accidental opening of the battery door

The lower side parts of the ENFORA MINI MT are rubberized for an easier grip. The LEDs are arranged so that they can be seen when the device is worn on the belt. “Call” normally shows either an incoming call or a request to call back, “On” blinks slowly when the device is operational, “GPS” blinks slowly when the receiver has acquired a fix, and “Batt” blinks when the battery level falls below 5&. Those are just the default settings, each LED can also be reprogrammed to do something completely different.

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