Covert Trackers

Covert Tracking

GoTEK7 Covert Tracker Our GPS covert tracking devices comes in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Our devices can be permanently installed in a car, or can be attached via magnets to the frame. Most of the temporary devices are battery powered and have an option to purchase a longer lasting battery. Our covert GPS devices can track a vehicle’s movements for as long as three months. Xtreme Trackers’ covert GPS devices are also weatherproof.

The two most important considerations when tracking a person or vehicle are size and battery life and we have solutions that go a long way to solving both issues.

Private investigators utilize Xtreme Trackers’ covert GPS vehicle tracking devices. Placing a GPS device on vehicles under surveillance can aid in their investigations. If a woman suspects her husband may be having an affair, she can ask the investigator to place a tracking device on her husband’s vehicle in order to track his movements. GPS technology is used on a daily basis by all investigators to solve crimes, including finding and apprehending sexual predators and various other violations.

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