Personal Trackers

There is no doubt that our compact, but powerful personal GPS tracking devices are among the most reliable choices in personal safety and business efficiency. The silent panic button found on Xtreme Trackers GPS tracking systems is designed to quickly summon help when you need it most. One press of the panic button results in a rapid fire sequence of location alerts.

The benefits of two-way voice communication and emergency one-way listening on GPS trackers can be priceless in the event of a true emergency.

Many people are lucky enough to head out to the far corners of the world on adventure travels and tours. Our GPS solutions enable you to easily keep family and friends informed of your progress and also contact them at the push of a panic button in the event of an emergency. Our personal GPS trackers are often placed in the suite case before travelling assuring that your luggage can be tracked should it get lost.

For the less exotic –but equally daunting- challenges that come from working in high risk environments, having the means to be located by support from colleagues, friends, family or emergency services at the touch of a button gives you peace of mind. Lone workers are relying on our personal GPS trackers for their safety in secluded places.

Or If you are concerned about your own personal security due to the nature of your work or world travels or the well being of, a personal GPS tracking device has many uses in today’s world. Our personal GPS trackers has become a necessity for home executives staying at home and has proofed to be life saver on many occasions when there was a house robbery as the silent panic button and the voice communication button could alert family members immediately.

If you have an elderly relative who is forgetful, or are no longer able to care for themselves, you may want to consider purchasing a personal GPS tracking device for them. These devices have been proven time and again to save lives. Whether you are worried about an elderly person wandering off, or you want to make sure they are safe within their own homes, our personal GPS tracking device is incredibly beneficial.

There a huge benefits from such a device for those who are suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Many times, these patients can wander off, putting themselves and possibly others in danger. It can be very difficult to find them, particularly if they live in a large city. Whether they are used for health or security reasons, our GPS devices can provide you with peace of mind.

The person using the device will also experience a lot of relief when they know that help is just a button’s push away. If you have parents who live alone, this is a great benefit. You will no longer need to worry that they won’t be able to reach the phone if they fall or become incapacitated.

Our personal trackers are completely flexible. Just take it with you in the car during the week and with you on your boat or bike at the weekend. Use it to track Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Van’s… anything with four wheels, plus containers, trailers, coastal or inland boats, bicycles, touring or racing cycles, motorbikes, tractors … almost anything that moves at any time.

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