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Xtreme Track Server is a leading software platform for web based GPS tracking. You can track vehicles and other moving assets with real time status information in a standard web browser. Historical information is also readily available in the user interface and reports can be created for further analysis. You can configure notifications over SMS and email for events that require your attention, such as SOS, vehicle theft, high temperature, speeding, excessive idling, off hours vehicle usage and geo-fence violations.

Xtreme Track Server platform supports localization, re-branding, application extension and integration with other systems through open APIs. This makes it suitable for tracking partners that want to offer GPS tracking services in their own language under their own brand.

You can connect a large number of different tracking devices to Xtreme Track Server including dedicated trackers, Windows laptops, Windows Mobile devices and other mobile phones. This makes the platform future proof and simplifies mergers of multiple fleets.

A light interface is available for mobile phones with a web browser so that you can connect to your application from any location.

Multiple map providers are supported, as well as custom map import. This allows you to use the most suitable maps for your region or even import specific maps for your implementation.

Depending on your technical skills and requirements, the Xtreme Track Server can be installed as a software on your own server or subscribed to, as a service hosted by Xtreme Trackers SA.

For detailed information: click here to download our Software Panel Guide.

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