Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle Trackers

Today, nearly all cars are equipped with Vehicle Tracking. Vehicle Tracking are more popular in western countries than they are in eastern countries. Vehicle Tracking have undoubtedly added to the security of your car today. Today, there are even built in Vehicle Tracking. If your car does not come with a built in tracker, you can get one installed easily. Since the importance of Vehicle Tracking is widely known, you one can obtain them easily from online as well as conventional stores.

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Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking:

  • Increased Productivity/Reduction in Fuel Costs
    Find the closest vehicle to respond to a service call, and route fleets more efficiently by monitoring routes and evaluating historical data.
  • Compliance with Programmed Routes
    Ensure drivers do not deviate from authorized route;
    You can view the entire movement history.
  • Better Customer Service/Customer Retention
    Faster response to service requests and accurate, reliable delivery status at any given time leads to more satisfied customers.
  • Driver Accountability
    Verify that drivers met expected appointments or service calls.
  • Reduction in Unauthorized Vehicle Use
    Monitor personal use of take-home vehicles; Eliminate moonlighting activities.
  • Decrease in Speed / Increase in Personnel Safety
    Reward good drivers for compliance with company policies and traffic laws by knowing how fast a vehicle is being driven and for how long it travelled at a predefined speed.
  • Lower Insurance Rates
    Accurately document where all vehicles are at all times;
    Reject frivolous property damage claims.
  • Complete Historical Record of Fleet Activities
    View, print, or save reports at any time.

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