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Personal Tracker

Start with one of our most popular Global Positioning System devices, for personal tracking needs.

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Vehicle and Asset Tracker

The XT-003 is our best selling product because it has so many applications...

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Vehicle Tracker with 5 Magnets

Working based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any movable equipment by SMS, APP and Internet. It has the newest advanced technology of GPS and AGPS dual positioning.

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Car Charger Socket GPS Tracker

with dual USB charging ports...

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Mobile 4CH DVR GPS System

Monitoring your vehicles has never been quite so easy. The Mobile DVR helps you monitor your vehicles with ease with recordings on 4 channels.

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Xtreme Trackers is a GPS (Global Positioning System) Solutions Provider with tailor made configurations and tracker equipment for your unique needs in Personal / Business or Asset Tracking.

Companies can keep track of their key personnel or vehicles with a number of GPS Trackers or Tracking Devices. The latest ranges of GPS Tracking Devices are highly discreet yet they can powerfully provide great tracking capabilities.

If you want to monitor your fleet of vehicles they can be fitted with the GPS Tracking Devices and you’ll know exactly where they are every minute of the day. They can be placed in any number of covert positions and no one will be any the wiser.

Hidden inside vehicles they can pinpoint their position whenever they are called upon to do so. Packages can be fitted with the GPS Trackers so you know where they are at anytime during their journey.

If you have a highly important package that needs to get to its destination safe and sound the GPS Tracker can reassure you during its travels. Companies that have employees who could be at risk need to ensure they have security systems in place that can help to track workers when it’s required.

Xtreme Trackers are able to provide the most cost-effective and efficient gps tracking and fleet management solutions within the tracking industry.

GPS Vehicle tracking procedures, which are implemented at a level of sophistication and reliability, enables trucks, drivers and their cargoes to be monitored and scrutinised through our state of the art computer technology, It is an essential cost and safety feature to be factored into the operating budgets of distribution companies and freight carriers.


Cutting-edge vehicle GPS tracking technology is also helping to win the war against car and truck thieves and hijackers, but keeping one step ahead of the criminals and “chop shop” syndicates calls for constant vigilance.

These and other developments in the GPS hi-tech drive to reduce companies’ vehicle operating costs and to improve bottom lines in the process, as well as the ongoing technological war against vehicle hijacking and armed robbery, has initiated the Directors of Xtreme Trackers to find a complete GPS, GPRS and GSM tracking solution for the South African market which includes personal tracking.

After an in-depth research into our local, African and International markets it became clear that the current outdated analogue tracking service providers need to re-look to adapt to GPS Technology available today and in the future as the Tracking Industry, being a vast changing market, can become outdated as we are experiencing at the moment.

GPS Technology available today and in the future as the Tracking Industry, being a vast changing market, can become outdated as we are experiencing at the moment.

Xtreme Trackers proud themselves in having the fore sight to create systems that will cater for every aspect of the tracking fraternity, allowing for future technology changes to be implemented seamlessly and having the ability to cater for the complete tracking market, from a personal tracker, vehicle tracker and the most complicated and sophisticated vehicle and/or fleet management systems.

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