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Vehicle and Asset Tracker
XT-005 Multi-Functional Vehicle Tracker Front

The XT-005 Multi-Functional Vehicle Tracker is our best selling product because it can be used for a number of applications

• Vehicle & Asset tracking (fixed)
• Personal and guard tracking (portable)

Once the unit stops detecting movement it goes back into sleep mode which would allow the battery to last for 6 months in this state.

The Xtreme Trackers XT-005 comes with a built-in SIM chip which cannot be removed and used elsewhere, eliminating the element of tampering or theft.

In cases where there is a need to be tamper and waterproof, the XT-005 is epoxied in an RTV silicon which will allow the unit to be completely sealed and waterproof.

This is greatly used in guarding. The rugged 5mm DC-jack charging port allows the XT-005 to be plugged in easily and charged.

The XT-005 has a built-in short range transmitter and receiver which have great uses such as communicating from sensors or remote controls to controlling and opening gates remotely.

The larger than normal battery (1800mAh) puts the XT-005 amongst the best trackers on the market for power consumption and autonomy. The XT-005 was specifically designed for situations where charging is not readily available.

Hardware Features

  • Low power accelerometer
  • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • 403 MHz or 433Mhz built-in AM transmitter
  • 6 month battery life in dormant state
  • Non-removable SIM chip with tracking bundle
  • Highest quality GPS, GPS engines and antennas
  • Input voltage 12-36V (wired version) or 5V USB
  • Recording of 2000 points in case of no GSM coverage
  • Integrated microphone and speaker for voice communication
  • Customisable button colours
  • 10m GPS accuracy
  • Configurable panic on tracker orientation
XT-005 Multi-Functional Vehicle Tracker Back

Xtreme Trackers Provide you with the following service features

Live GPS Tracking
Track in real-time.
Everything is accessed over the web and mobile.

Daily Route Maps

View all the driver routes and trips during any day.

Real-Time Alert Notifications

Be notified to just the events you consider important.

Create Geo-fences

Create Go-only and No-Go areas for your devices.

Driver Behavior

Get real-time over speeding & unnecessary idling notifications.

Sleep & Wake up

Be alerted when the device goes into a sleep or wake up state.

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