Vehicle Tracker

XT-010 Vehicle Tracker

The XT-010 tracker has been specifically designed for motor vehicles. It is small and can easily be hidden.

Although the tracker can be connected to the battery or ignition of the vehicle it has a small internal battery which can last up to 3 hours.

The XT-010 has a relay output that can be configured and activated to cut fuel or immobilize.

There is an option to use your own SIM card or make use of the Xtreme Tracker tracking SIM system where you never need to worry about running out of airtime.

An SOS button can be connected to the tracker and when pressed will notify the pre-programmed numbers via SMS or send out emails.

The external microphone port allows pre-programmed numbers to call in and listen.


  • 2 inputs and a relay output
  • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • Configurable SOS button
  • Pre-programmed numbers that can receive SMS and email when the SOS button is pressed.
  • External microphone port allows pre-programmed numbers to call and listen in.
  • Non-removable SIM chip with tracking bundle
  • Highest quality GPS, GPS engines and antennas
  • Input voltage 12-36V (optional: 12-90V)
  • Recording of 2000 points in case of no GSM coverage
  • 10m GPS accuracy
  • Configurable panic on tracker orientation

The web interface offers the user an overview of the trackers under the account giving the last check-in time, battery status, charge status and last location.

Be automatically notified when the XT-010 tracker:

  • is moved
  • returns to sleep mode
  • goes over speed
  • goes into NO-GO geo-fence areas
  • goes outside all GO geo-ences areas
  • failed to check-in
  • battery low
  • reaching of destination

The Liveview page (right) gives the user the status and the last position of all the trackers under the account.

The Liveview refreshes every 10 seconds and will indicate which trackers are moving and which are stationary.

Users also have access to elevation data which is useful when using the Xtrack for sporting activities

Xtreme Trackers Provide you with the following service features

Live GPS Tracking
Track in real-time.
Everything is accessed over the web and mobile.

Daily Route Maps

View all the driver routes and trips during any day.

Real-Time Alert Notifications

Be notified to just the events you consider important.

Create Geo-fences

Create Go-only and No-Go areas for your devices.

Driver Behavior

Get real-time over speeding & unnecessary idling notifications.

Sleep & Wake up

Be alerted when the device goes into a sleep or wake up state.

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