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XT003 Vehicle Tracker

XT003 Vehicle Tracker

XT003 Vehicle Tracker

XT003 Vehicle Tracker is our best selling product because it has so many applications:

  • Vehicle and Asset Tracking (Fixed)
  • Personal and Security Guard Tracking (Portable)

Once the unit stops detecting movement it goes into sleep mode which would allow standby time up to 6 months

The XT003 comes with a built-in Sim Chip which can not be removed and used somewhere else, eliminating the element of tampering or theft

In cases where there is a need for tamper and waterproof, the XT003 is epoxied in an RTV Silicon which will allow the unit to be completely sealed and waterproof, this application is greatly used in Guarding

The XT003 has a built-in short range transmitter and receiver which has great use such as communicating from sensors or remote controls to control and opening gates remotely

The 1830Mah Lithium Ion battery will ensure at least seven days tracking after disconnection from main power source or vehicle battery


XT003 Fixed

XT003 with Panic Button

XT003 Historic Route




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